Welcome to : Anna Hoo Artist Bears

My name is Anna Hoo started in 1991 making artist bears. I am a fashion designer by occupation and training, my style is inspired by the old classical bears from round the turn of the century (1900) when teddy bears started.I love to dress the bears in my own designs and handmade clothing, because I love Haute Couture, I try to make the clothes as much as possible in that tradition, by using precious materials as real silk, hand embroidered and antique lace. The clothes vary from "Romantic" to "Masculine". Before dressing a teddy bear in a uniform, I do some research, but I never make an exact copy of an actual uniform, because I like making my own interpretation. I make my own design with the idea of old fashioned uniforms. To complete the outfits, I use old medals, which I buy, at antique markets. When designing a teddy bear, I feel that the teddy bear itself is the first thing that should be to complete satisfaction. The bear should already draw emotion without even wearing its clothes. The outfit comes later. A nice face with a well-proportioned body is my condition. Although I do not give the mohair fabrics an "old look", I do like to airbrush the face and the paws of the teddy bear, which gives the teddy bear its character. Anna Hoo